Meaning of jaywalker in English:


Pronunciation /?d?e?w??k?/

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North American

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‘To be sure, jaywalkers put themselves and others at risk, and they can tie up traffic, but jaywalking is hardly the kind of offense that merits being maced.’
  • ‘The provision of pedestrian underpass between Kempegowda bus stand and the City railway station, some years ago, has kept the roads free of jaywalkers, but the intensity of traffic has been increasing.’
  • ‘The police here have figured out that, instead of targeting two-wheelers, cars, auto rickshaws, buses and lorries, many accidents can be avoided if jaywalkers are kept off roads.’
  • ‘The European Automobile Manufacturers Association have told the European Commission that jaywalkers should be prosecuted for wandering out in front of traffic.’
  • ‘Still, for the jaywalkers, is it really that hard to read a walk/don't walk sign?’