Meaning of look the part in English:

look the part


  • Have an appearance or style of dress appropriate to one's role or situation.

    ‘he had been a major in an infantry regiment and he looked the part’
    • ‘The Queen put much store in looking the part and continued to dress expensively in civilian couture.’
    • ‘We looked the part, but appearances came be deceptive, as I was soon to discover.’
    • ‘Jones, for his part, looked the part, dressed in a black leather jacket and black shades, and he opted for a business-like approach to his craft.’
    • ‘Does he look the part, dressed in neat, conservative clothing?’
    • ‘They were also able to dress up and one boy dressed up as Henry VIII and he looked the part.’
    • ‘Dressed to kill in a gold trimmed dress with gold trimmed and spangly shoes, she looked the part even if her game did not let her act it.’
    • ‘Some of the class are dressed as if for the gym; others look the part with leather raincoats, figure-hugging skirts and strappy tops.’
    • ‘They were going to play the role of Parliamentarians and were determined to look the part.’
    • ‘By dress and demeanor, look the part you wish to play.’
    • ‘Known as ‘the man with the perfect profile,’ Taylor certainly looks the part, but plays the role with an overdose of dignity and solemnity.’