Meaning of meself in English:


Pronunciation /m??s?lf/


non-standard spelling of myself, used in representing speech
‘By the time I got there, I was beginning to enjoy meself.’
  • ‘I'm jealous, she's me best mate here and I want her to meself.’
  • ‘I thought this show was pretty funny and informative meself.’
  • ‘The Minister for Finance commented: He does me better than I do meself.’
  • ‘‘I'm not a smoker meself, mind,’ he said, ‘but I was missing the heady spoor of tobacco fumes in the pub.’’
  • ‘So I ordered meself up a lager and, touch wood, (G touches the Formica table), I haven't looked back.’
  • ‘She recovered well and then herself and meself played a good lot of dates in pubs around the area and the people had a great fondness for her.’
  • ‘I spend so much time out here now, I thought I'd get meself something comfortable with left hand drive to get about in.’
  • ‘I never let on to Mary that I was goin’ and I always been ashamed a meself for that, but I reckon the whole thing was just too much for me.’
  • ‘‘Hello’ he said, ‘would ya have a few bob spare for an old man like meself to get a couple of pints.’’
  • ‘He said to me, ‘I think you're a bit of prime meself - there you are - four & sixpence my angel…’ I giggled and felt like a high school girl.’
  • ‘Foregrounding emphatic pronouns: It's meself was the brave runner; It was himself I wanted.’
  • ‘Called meself a fool, I could no longer stand it,’
  • ‘All ye go down to the pub and I will take on Mayo meself.’
  • ‘I still startle meself every time I walk past a mirror.’
  • ‘In fact, he had a hault a me money before de wife or meself ever got our hands on it.’
  • ‘I'm not to sure meself but I did hear Abigail saying that it was to do with a young man.’
  • ‘I had to leave her after a few minutes, otherwise I would have cried meself, but she settled down after a while.’
  • ‘‘I'm a teetotaller, meself,’ declares the middle-aged Belfast woman seated opposite me.’
  • ‘Next time, I shall try to make myself say hello to one or two people there who I've been seeing around the place forever but was always too shy/silly to introduce meself to.’