Meaning of non-combatant in English:


Pronunciation /?n?n?k?mb?t(?)nt/


  • A person who is not engaged in fighting during a war, especially a civilian, army chaplain, or army doctor.

    ‘September saw the British retake Delhi after an extremely fierce fight in the city streets where no distinction was made between non-combatants and mutineers.’
    • ‘Of the roughly 1.3 million Indian combatants and non-combatants sent overseas to fight for the British empire, the largest chunk were routed to Mesopotamia.’
    • ‘Indeed, the question of the humanity of a weapon that causes indiscriminate blinding of combatants and non-combatants will restrict the future use of this technology in combat.’
    • ‘Civilians and non-combatants are often cited as reasons for war - usually after they are dead - or reasons not to go to war - in the context of avoiding killing them.’
    • ‘But remember, there are civilians and non-combatants down there.’
    non-fighting, non-participating, civilian, non-belligerent, pacifist, neutral, non-aligned
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