Meaning of poncy in English:


(also poncey)

Pronunciation /?p?nsi/

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adjectiveponcier, ponciest

informal British
  • Pretentious or affected.

    • ‘a poncy wine bar’
    • ‘I hate the term auteur - it sounds so poncy and pretentious - but for Ramsay, the title fits.’
    • ‘Just then, one of Roger's posh mates, some poncy Lord dude or other who had spent years on the African savannah saunters past…’
    • ‘Now I really like poncey, pretentious bars but this place is a step too far.’
    • ‘This week's pompous, poncey, high-handed antics could pique the infamous Tauran temper, impelling you to channel that feisty, fiery Hawaiian volcano deity Pele, who loves to erupt in Vesuvian pyrotechnics.’
    • ‘Forget your poncy, designer-chic country-house hotels - let's get back to period wainscoting, peacocks and proper gravel drives.’
    • ‘He's got the shoes-without-socks look just right and similarly, his monogrammed shirt - ‘DJ’ is stitched in small letters on the left collar - should be poncy but isn't.’
    • ‘In America, loads of guys do it and it is not seen as being poncy.’
    • ‘Being a poncy, softy southerner to whom the expression ‘north of Birmingham’ may as well be spoken in Swahili - I am rather apprehensive over the fact that I'm flying to Glasgow today.’
    • ‘Avoid cocktails or anything that might be deemed poncy.’
    • ‘More sentimental than Elvis Costello, more humorous than Morrissey and less poncy than Lloyd Cole, he nevertheless stands alongside them as one of the great lyric-writers of the past 20 years.’
    • ‘I've always thought it was a bit poncy to make cocktails for yourself at home, but now that I know how to make this, I might just have to start.’
    • ‘I have to say here, that the corps de ballet (that's the poncy equivalent of the chorus line, for you unenlightened) were the biggest bunch of clodhopping hoofers I've ever seen.’
    • ‘A brief-wearing man finds boxers poncy, thinks of himself as one of the lads, would never moisturise, likes the odd off-colour joke and is basically deeply square.’
    • ‘While I may be sensible enough to spend my free time sitting in poncy cinema cafés drinking coffee, a very silly friend of mine is running the London Marathon this weekend.’
    • ‘There are all sorts of poncy blends of tea made from smelly herbs that taste like green water.’
    • ‘But existentialism is essentially just a poncy way of saying that actions speak louder than words, and Smith is still determined to engage with the world.’
    • ‘We wound up going to that poncy looking bar on New Oxford St under Centre Point where we drank and people-watched until it closed at 2.30 am.’
    • ‘Forget all that poncy Gym Equipment and Lycra stuff.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, droves of identical workers toil in vast underground turbine halls, keeping the elite in their poncy satin pantaloons.’
    pretentious, high-flown, ostentatious, pompous, grandiose, over-elaborate, overblown, overripe, overworked, overdone