Meaning of web ring in English:

web ring


  • A number of websites with related content, offering links to one another in such a way that one may view each of them without returning to a single referring site.

    ‘I have removed the Blog Agreement button in exchange for a text link; I will soon add the web ring link.’
    • ‘I've been playing around with a web ring for all Caribbean bloggers.’
    • ‘I have started a new web ring - if you are interested click on the flower logo on the right hand side.’
    • ‘Joining a gardening group or web ring that specializes in desert gardening will provide additional resources for specific problems.’
    • ‘Many one-name genealogy sites are linked into web rings.’
    • ‘I have been trying this recently with weblogs, I have tried to avoid web rings and instead just followed random links in peoples daily reads.’